Extreme Monitoring specializes in cost effective solutions for the criminal justice system,
bail bonds, probation, parole, corrections, and pre-trial.

  • We service the entire states of NC, SC, & GA!

  • Same Day Service in most cases!

We Work With:

  • Drug Courts
  • Criminal Courts
  • Family Courts
  • Attorneys Office
  • Sheriff’s Dept.
  • Bail Bondsman

We Provide:

  • Active GPS Monitoring
  • Active Alcohol Monitoring
  • Sex Offender Monitoring
  • Bail Enforcement GPS Monitoring
  • Home Detention Monitoring Program – Through this program it can save tax payers millions of dollars a year plus provide budget restraints.

Our Equipment:

  • Leg Monitors
  • House Arrest
  • GPS Devices
  • Alcohol Monitors
  • Stalker Alert

Service Providers For: